Product QuickStart is dedicated specifically to serving the product development and manufacturing needs of funded early stage companies.  Some of our services include design, engineering and manufacturing. In addition we also provide consultation, advisory, and support services to companies seeking to raise capital.


Our team is comprised of seasoned, experienced product development experts.  We've helped our clients launch countless new products into the marketplace, and we have experience in a wide array of industries and manufacturing processes.


Product QuickStart is an initiative of Slingshot Product Development Group.  While both develop and manufacture innovative new products Slingshot focuses on established companies and enterprises while Product QuickStart  specializes with development for early-stage companies

About Product QuickStart

Prophy Cup

Dental Cleaning Aid


A local dental surgeon approached us to combine two dental cleaning tools into one simple disposable device.  The Prophy Cup would combine a common prophy angle and the cleaning agent all in one device.

FMC VerifiTM

Bed Bug Detector


The Verifi™ bed bug detector exploits bed bug biology and behavior in order to attract and detect both host-seeking and aggregation-seeking bed bugs.


Hotel operators use Verifi™ because it provides discreet, safe,  and ongoing bed bug detection, without the need to take rooms out of service. This means a hotel can change its strategy from reactive to proactive, and find bed bugs before they become a costly infestation.



Transdermal Applicator


Slingshot assisted Topi-Click with the design and engineering development of a dosing system which enables pharmacists to dispense medicated creams with new levels of precision.  The new system provides significant improvements over the existing syringe methods because it is more discreet, reduces patient error, increases patient compliance, and saves the pharmacist time during prescription fulfillment. Beyond engineering, Slingshot also worked with a local manufacturer to perfect the system’s functionality.

Achieving controlled, repeatable precision was the key challenge for the Slingshot team.  Developing appropriate sealing, snap features, and dispensing mechanisms while optimizing for ergonomics, aesthetics, and usability required the combined talents of Slingshot’s designers and engineers.


Pic Band

Guitare Accessory


The development effort for these products involved a strong brainstorming effort including user research, aesthetic development, ergonomic development, engineering development, and prototyping. One of the key challenges of the program was to develop proper ergonomics and user interface considerations and make a product that was cost effective and still met the criteria defined by the client.


This product line is the first flexible wrist band and tether ensemble that securely and ergonomically helps guitar players hold and use a pick while playing the guitar. The set, which includes a silicon wrist band, silicon tether and three guitar picks, is packaged in an attractive paperboard box that cleanly and effectively displays the product. Additional picks can also be purchased.


Walkie Way

Leash and Pet Collar


The Walkie Way is a combination pet collar and leash. Through the design process, multiple ideas, forms and functions were proposed. Our engineers implemented three different sized designs that would be  appealing to the consumer and easily manufacturable. The key challenge was minimizing the spool size while achieving maximum pull strength.


The engineering team also worked with the manufacturers to make the product cost-effective and robust. In the end, we delivered a fully designed, engineered, manufactured part that is being sold through Direct Response Television and local retailers.


Kamado Joe

Ceramic Grill


Kamado Joe approached us to create a game changing, charcoal-fired BBQ grill product using two material parameters: high temperature ceramic and stainless steel.  The look and function had to be suitable for top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen installations, a growing trend and market.

Our designers and engineers worked with ceramic and steel suppliers to incorporate real-world fabrication parameters while staying true to the client’s signature proportions of a kamado-style cooker.  The collaborative effort of designers, engineers, client, and supplier created the award-winning design seen here.  Our team then fabricated two prototypes that earned Kamado Joe a Best BBQ Grill award at the HPBExpo.


Product QuickStart, a Slingshot initiative

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