A consultation session can help identify challenges, strengths, and opportunities for your new product.
Evaluate the technical and manufacturable feasibility of your concept before investing in product development.

If you're not sure what the next step is on the path toward a product launch, or if you just want to bounce some ideas off experienced product launchers, a consultation session might be the best first step.  We can spend as little, or as much time with you as you need to determine how or if to proceed.  In many cases, we can help clients streamline their project plans in just a few hours.

A Product QuickStart audit package starts with an analysis of your product idea, concept, or prototype.  Our team will evaluate your program based on technical feasibility, market size, development challenges, and manufacturing options.  The report we create helps clients make an informed go/no-go decision about their program.

$200 +

$1,500 +

A robust, realistic product development plan is a roadmap to a successful product launch.

Don't be surprised by downstream development costs or timelines.  Let Product QuickStart develop a custom project plan for your program, identifying significant milestones, stage-gates, and long lead time items and activities.  Project plans we develop serve as invaluable road maps for developing and manufacturing your product, and help keep you on track toward your product launch goals. View a Sample Plan.

$1,000 +

Photo-realistic renderings can be used to effectively communicate the product concept, even early in the product development process.
Product animations can add a powerful level of realism and completeness to your fundraising pitch or crowdfunding campaign.

Product QuickStart adds substance, excitement, and depth to our clients' crowdfunding campaign and investor presentations. We provide CAD-based photo-realistic renderings to help you build the vision of what your product will achieve.  In this engagement, we also provide a strong framework of understanding of development costs, manufacturing costs, inventory costs, and development schedule so you know how much capital you need to raise, and how long before you will be shipping product.

Sometimes a static image just isn't enough to communicate the full functionality or uniqueness of a new product.  That's why Product QuickStart offers a variety of product animation options.  Show your prospective customers and investors your product from every angle.  Demonstrate how your product works or how it assembles.  An animation can add a whole new depth of reality to your product concept.

$3,000 +

$5,000 +

Physical prototypes are a critical element of a good product development process. 

Many projects need a robust, demonstrable working prototype in order to attain funding for development and manufacturing ramp up.  Some crowdfunding portals, like Kickstarter, require product or technology based projects to have a working prototype to be eligible to raise funds.  Product QuickStart provides high quality prototype design, development, fabrication, and testing.  With our prototypes, clients have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovations in a very real, very powerful way.

Priced by Project

An early, broad exploration of possible solutions, helps ensure that the product development process will succeed.
Industrial Designers fuse the functional requirements of the product with the wants and needs of the target market.

Product QuickStart offers streamlined ideation and product definition services.  This is a high-efficiency offering which explores ideas and concepts, and seeks to clarify and enhance the product definition before moving deeper into development.

Our Industrial Designers have worked on a broad range of projects, from medical equipment to cars.  We start with rapid hand visualization concepts and move quickly to 3D CAD models.  Our designers work closely with the engineers and manufacturing team to make sure what they develop is well thought out and has future manufacturing possibilities.

Priced by Project

Priced by Project

A robust product engineering process ensures the highest probability of success for a new product development program.
Tight quality control, feet on the ground near the factory, and good manufacturing partners improve the odds of success.

Product QuickStart engineers have experience developing products for many industries. They all have years of experience in the product development industry and are masters of working hand in hand with designers.  Our engineers well help bridge the gap between design and manufacturing to make the product development process as smooth as possible for you.

Product QuickStart builds robust supply chains for our clients through a network of hundreds of vetted, audited suppliers.  We manufacture product both domestically and offshore, and we are not tied to any one manufacturer or group of manufacturers.  Being supplier-independent gives us the freedom to design your product and your supply chain around your needs, instead of steering you toward a factory that we need to fill to capacity.  We are masters of quality control and supply chain reliability.

Priced by Project

Priced by Project

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